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Little bits that don’t have another home.


About this time of year, to the chagrin of my family, I start humming (or even worse, singing) the Julie Andrew’s song, “a few of my favorite things”. Like a never-ending loop of corny. And as much as I love “snowflakes that stay on my eyes and eyelashes”, it offers little guidance to do some  More

HouseKeeping Time

Did you know that Google intends to shut down access to Feedburner’s APIs on October 20? A banner note on the Google Developers Feedburner API page makes that intent clear, so it was time for us to update our tools over at This means you have action items. My web advisor, Todd Lohenry of  More

Go Where No One Else Is

Thedailybeast Wed, Jan 11 2012 20:47:57 Whitney Johnson, a partner at Clayton Christensen’s investment firm wrote a powerful piece in 2011 uniquely captured why pursuing a disruptive course is the best investment you can make. “ Throw out the performance metrics you’ve always relied on “A disruptive innovation must measure different attributes of performance than  More

Fearless Cultures Embrace Disruption

“ From classrooms arranged in rows of seats to tenured professors, from the assembly line to the way we promote executives, we have been trained to expect an orderly life. Yet the expectation that these systems provide safety and stability is a trap. This Is Generation Flux: Meet The Pio… Mon, Jan 09 2012 06:08:15  More

Must-Read Weekend Reading

[I’ve been developing a Harvard Magazine article on the demise of 800 lb gorillas, and the new rules played by those that replace them, so not as much writing this week on Yes & Know. But I have still been reading a bit, and these are some gems to share.] The Global Mind In sharing  More