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Nicholas Carr's Rough Type: BusinessWeek's Sarah Lacy Gets SaaS

In today’s Rough Type, Nicholas Carr comments about Sarah Lacy’s latest Businessweek article on SaaS. Turns out, as we see from Microsoft’s inability to turn a profit in this area, the frenzy of SaaS activity may be lemmings to the sea. Here’s an excerpt: Anyone who thinks the software-as-a-service business is a gold mine for  More

Strategy Failure = Strategy Creation Process Gone Awry

We’ve all seen it – the company that makes a play for new customers and finds they’ve targeted incorrectly. The product launch that fizzles. A big rebranding move that ends up being underwhelming. Is strategy failure due to poor leadership, lack of execution, bad market data? Have customers moved on, is the timing wrong? Underneath  More

I sits, thinks, and writes (and shop)

So I do sit, and think, and write. I do it from coffee shops. I do it in the middle of the night when my son and husband are asleep so i don’t take away from family tie. And after all my solace to think, I start to iterate and shape and mold ideas further with this collaborative team. And then I meet with lots of people who guide and shape and restructure and critique. Hard, and time consuming, but also fruitful.

Web 2.0: A Strategy Guide – Professor and Speaker Amy Shuen Captures the Essence

In Web 2.0: A Strategy Guide, author Amy Shuen demonstrates subject mastery from the first sentence. Steeped in her topic (she’s taught it at Wharton, Haas School of Business, CEIBS and École Polytechnique), the reader gets detailed information on the meaning of Web 2.0. This isn’t a book filled with hype–it provides theory, thoughtful detail and is practical. Chapters end with strategic and tactical questions. The illustrations and screen captures provide depth and clarity. Companies like Flickr, LinkedIn, and Facebook are used as case studies.