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Competitive Strategy: Strong #2 uses Open (Permeable) Play

Worth noting: Tim’s perspective on Hadoop integration at Yahoo: With this being the key point: OK — but why is Yahoo!’s involvement so important? First, it indicates a kind of competitive tipping point in Web 2.0, where a large company that is a strong #2 in a space (search) realizes that open source is a  More

Porter Model is Dead

I’m at the O’Reilly conference of Emerging Technology and it’s giving me just the right setting (and time away from the day job of leading Rubicon) to capture an idea I’ve been brewing for some time. Because the work I do is about helping companies to win markets, I pay a lot of attention to  More

The Holy Grail of the SMB Market

I’ve been working with many a new client who wants to reach the SMB market. These are traditional enterprise companies who want to expand. And they the SMB market as a viable one to pursue for growth. But this market has been elusive to many for a long, long time. That’s changing of course. But  More

Top 10 Trends for 2007

Top 10 Trends for 2007 High-Tech Markets: 1. The OS matters. With open source, mashups and mobile players all creating different and incompatible platforms, we believe the software platforms of the future may be layers that run across all those competing operating systems, with Adobe’s Apollo and Microsoft WPF/E both key players, coming to market  More

Worthy Adobe Intel

Check out a good piece of early sleuthing by Malik on Flash as a fundamental platform for software 2.0. Apparently, Adobe’s purchase of amicma suggests some new aspirations for the Flash technology giant. Let’s not forget the Adobe has the opportunity to blend Flash, PDF as two fundamental platform plays into a new UI.