Last night, a little venue called Spark was held. The notion was to connect really smart people – who are down-to-earth good leaders in high-tech – to learn from our

Talk with, not At

An industry commentary on how marketing in high-tech is changing. I think there’s way more ahead than banner ads and search word optimization when it comes to high-tech consumer marketing. I think that we will move from non-personal ways of advertising to customer engaged ways of connecting. I have provided some examples as illustrations and then provided what I think it means.

Ecosystems now matter

I know I’m becoming more of an introvert. I now think about things that happened 2 weeks ago and assign meaning to them. Or does that mean, I’m pondering. Hmmm. Well,

Where is this Software World Going?

I wish I had an answer for the emerging business trends in software, and how they’ll play out. I can’t see the horizon very well but I do have some

Another Cisco Move

Cisco made another move to the vertical security space yesterday. They bought a company for $51M and 27 people that provides them video surveillance capabilities. This acquisition maps well to