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SaaS avoids the Blue Plate Special

Marketing Profs kindly published part 5 of a 6 part series about 2 weeks back. Just catching up from last week’s break, and wanted to share it with you. It’s on the new licensing/pricing models coming up. —— Do you remember a time when most meals were the sit down, full-service, dessert-included kind? Even if  More


How are Synergy and Ajax Technology related?

When buzz starts to happen in Silicon Valley, the same terms are used over and over again, with a completely different definition for the same words. Yesterday, a client of ours came in for a quick-stop ‘consultation’ to review a business strategy linked to a VC pitch. [We’re experimenting with a new business model for  More

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Developer Programs Key to Upward Cycle

In grade school, one of the key determinants of popularity on the playground was how quickly you were selected when the time came to choose up sides for basketball, baseball or soccer. In the same way, the developing business model for the next ten years depends hugely on which set of developer and ecosystem partners  More


Don’t be the Dinosaur Brought down by Mosquitos

Emerging Business Models can destroy your current business Working in Silicon Valley, there are a few hundred new acronyms and technologies introduced each year that need to be understood. Being a trusted advisor means that clients need my firm and I to be really smart, on top of the latest trends, and interpreting what really  More

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Hype vs. Real Emerging Models for High-Tech Industry

I’ve been home sick a lot lately. First a cold that needed steroids to knock out, later a stomach flu which the whole family bonded over, and now a fever my son and I are sharing. (Let that explain why I’ve not been posting much). Yet during these times, I see an upside that I  More


Is Adobe going to get crushed by the Big Guy?

The Journal reported today that talks between MSFT and Adobe broke down earlier this week. The issue is whether PDF will become a built-in feature of Microsoft’s office.
This is not a one way assault on Adobe, but a fundamental tension on who will innovate the platform and UI of the industry. Adobe has plans of it’s own that will make Microsoft the equivalent of plumbing. Needed but not discussed.