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Google SMB Push…

Having launched what now seems like a bazzillion products, I think I can draw a conclusion about the simplicity of enterprise product adoption. Here goes. There are only 3 things enterprise companies need to adopt technology: security, scalability and support. Oh, and the product has to solve a problem that needs solving. Okay, so 4  More

The Holy Grail of the SMB Market

I’ve been working with many a new client who wants to reach the SMB market. These are traditional enterprise companies who want to expand. And they the SMB market as a viable one to pursue for growth. But this market has been elusive to many for a long, long time. That’s changing of course. But  More


Power of the Influencer — Who is Yours?

When you want to buy a new bbq, who do you ask? If you want to know which smartphone to buy, what blog do you go to? And if you’re looking for a school to enroll your kid, whose advice do you seek? Those people that you’re calling, emailing with or reading, they’re special. Not  More

4 levels of belief; 5 ways to market

Promise Phelon, CEO of the Phelon Group recently spoke at the fall WITI Conference in Santa Clara during a session called “the Changing Customer Conversation”, and introduced these 4 levels of belief. People are most likely to believe, in this order, from these sources: #1. Their own experience #2. Peers / someone they can validate  More


SaaS avoids the Blue Plate Special

Marketing Profs kindly published part 5 of a 6 part series about 2 weeks back. Just catching up from last week’s break, and wanted to share it with you. It’s on the new licensing/pricing models coming up. —— Do you remember a time when most meals were the sit down, full-service, dessert-included kind? Even if  More


Churn and Burn or Ways to Go?

It is true that, over time, strong technology consumer companies will win market share from weak companies. However, there’s one nearly surefire way to make sure you don’t fail. Focus. You got know enough to know if you’re going to go right into a hard brick wall. The purpose of any business and market strategy  More