3 Must-Reads for this Weekend #13

Welcome to Fall, 2012! Hope you are getting your pumpkins, and your fall gear out this weekend. There’s a definite crispness in the air here in California. These stories  caught

What Steve Jobs Taught Me About Growth

Finding that first market — a few customers willing to pay for your early product – is hard enough. But there’s one thing that may be even harder. And that’s

Trend to Watch: Mobile Payments

Starbucks has become that much more convenient.  Today, the NYT showed us that we can use our phone to buy coffee. No more carrying your wallet, and your phone. At

Using Past to Design Future

Nokia keeps doing its analysis and strategic planning and ending up with answers that suggest “stay the course” or “do more of the same”. It reminds me of GM circa

In a bar fight, what are you prepared to do?

Competition in the tech industry is a fundamental. Without it, we would never have seen the innovations and incredibly cool stuff that have informed, transformed, and improved our daily lives.

Google SMB Push…

Having launched what now seems like a bazzillion products, I think I can draw a conclusion about the simplicity of enterprise product adoption. Here goes. There are only 3 things

Amazon's Category Creation Going Again

Grid Platforms: The big idea? 5 steps to Category Creation: 1. See a critical gap. 2. Figure out how to fill and dominate it. 3. Establish innovation as a Differentiation.