Amazon’s Category Creation Going Again

Grid Platforms: The big idea? 5 steps to Category Creation: 1. See a critical gap. 2. Figure out how to fill and dominate it. 3. Establish innovation as a Differentiation.

The guides

I met last week with this incredibly zany guy named Nick Hayes of Influencer 50. His firm understands influencer marketing at a very deep level and he’s now in the

3,000 marketing messages per day

Today’s consumer receives over 3,000 marketing messages per day. That’s what Maritz Dialogue Marketing group says. Start counting and see how many you come up with in 1 hour. I

When in Doubt, Pilot

Ever heard this? Let’s go 180 degrees in a different direction, at full speed, with everyone on board, and expect our current business to do great while we turn everything

Blurred at Web 2.0 Summit

Mary Meeker of Morgan Stanley is the only speaker I know that can get away with delivering slide content in such a fast pace that not only can you barely

Distribution Model = New Markets

Hats off to OReilly for the name of this web 2.0 session: Pirate and the Suit. Eric Nicoi, Chairman of EMI, and Eric Kleptone on stage together. Given what has

Developer Programs Key to Upward Cycle

In grade school, one of the key determinants of popularity on the playground was how quickly you were selected when the time came to choose up sides for basketball, baseball


Last night, a little venue called Spark was held. The notion was to connect really smart people – who are down-to-earth good leaders in high-tech – to learn from our