Integration Matters

Wallace Stevens once said, “Perhaps the truth depends upon a walk around the lake”.

Well, my own walk has been along a creek. But it did lead me to find my truth.

And, my truth is this: Integration matters.

Let me explain how that matters in this context.

You might remember, I shut down my company Rubicon in late 2010, which I blogged about here, and earlier here. I set up a temporary page at with the help of Nyquist design, and just abandoned old content, and older blogs as web artifacts. I started a new blog at Posterous given its low overhead and let time, the walks, and our conversation shape the experience. That led to clarity of why I wanted to write/share/build a community. And you, the community, helped me name the blog, Yes and Know. (that name and the intent behind it continues, as you can see).

This revised site (starting with this post) brings together “old” content from my leadership and entrepreneurship blog, Win Markets, along with my content from my strategy firm for high-technology markets, Rubicon Consulting, and toggles over the Blog @ Posterous site … With this move, I am saying that all my dimensions can co-exist. In fact, I will embody the idea that each of us should defy categorization.

The path of acknowledging the multi-dimensional passions has been hard. It means a “yes, and” approach to acknowledge a passion for leadership and culture, and market moves and strategies to gain market power, and includes technology and trends. Fundamentally, I can see how all those fit together to a larger parameter: I am passionate about all those things that let people thrive, and companies win.

Integration in the domain I’ve been steeped in for most of my life, technology, is typically the watch-word used by IT folks to say “make sure you can connect everything so you don’t spend too much money later”.

But, in this case, integration matters because it is owning the completely multi-dimensional narrative and history, trusting that it’s right, just cause it is. Just cause it is.

Now back to it…

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  1. Yes. Integration matters. Our multidimensionality is ‘right’.

    But in bringing this all together — bringing all your parts to us in one site — you’re going to help us make sense of the world as you fully see it. As you fully act in it. That promises to be something new.

    I for one am watching, because I too am bringing together disparate parts of my work and interests, and as each lens overlaps with the next things begin to look really different. From my own perspective, and what I present.

    1. Anastasia –
      If you’re like many of my friends with whom I’ve talked about this topic, I sense a bigger theme of how we can create artificial separation thinking it lends clarity to our audience. But that’s denying our full self into the story. Good luck with your journey. glad to see you here.

  2. Nilofer, congrats on the integration of your blog and online content. Also, kudos on the direction of your writing and sharing. It informs and inspires all of us trying to make a difference in how we work and lead.

    1. Glen
      I’m glad to be here writing and with this community. You inspire me as much as I inspire you. Perhaps more. Well, probably more. But I’ll do my part.

  3. Nilofer – I love that you are threading the theme integration through your work and bringing it all together here. The site looks great and it is always a moment of breath and spaciousness to read your writing and take in the wisdom of your perspective.

    1. Robin, thanks for the compliment. Am looking forward to continuing the conversation of integration …

  4. Nilofer,

    I’ve been following your blogs on twitter for a while and let me tell you that your writings are always integrated 🙂

    Sorry for your company but I’m sure with a talented lady like you, you have the future to innovate 🙂

    Nice web site by the way

    Your follower from Bahrain

  5. Hi Nilofer,

    Love the new website! So much to explore and get curious about. I’m all for integration, and have worked hard in recent years to be ok with my own multi-dimensionality in the face of societies and organizations that still largely silo and segment.

    Integration is the wave and differentiator of the future, and an essential precursor for true creative intersections within ourselves and with our networks and communities.

    Look forward to more conversations and explorations with you.

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