Some good reads …

I’d like to simply point you to some good articles with little commentary that I think are worth noting. Here, a great visual of every product Apple ever made since

The guides

I met last week with this incredibly zany guy named Nick Hayes of Influencer 50. His firm understands influencer marketing at a very deep level and he’s now in the

Google is your UI

Let me paint a picture of the world today as a company sees it and then again as a customer experiences it. Company View: A company, say yours, has a

3,000 marketing messages per day

Today’s consumer receives over 3,000 marketing messages per day. That’s what Maritz Dialogue Marketing group says. Start counting and see how many you come up with in 1 hour. I

Mobile Users non Loyal … Explained

Is anyone surprised by this content: Loyalty To Wireless Carriers Is Hard To Come By. By Antone Gonsalves Two-thirds of U.S. adult mobile phone users comparison shop for wireless

Top 10 Trends for 2007

Top 10 Trends for 2007 High-Tech Markets: 1. The OS matters. With open source, mashups and mobile players all creating different and incompatible platforms, we believe the software platforms of

Symbiotic Relationships in Play

One of the fundamental truths about the high technology market today, is that consumers have tremendous power. Market power used to be much like a big castle surrounded by high

Web 3.0 & the Real Market Requirement

You know the really cool thing about a summit full of smart people is that it causes a dialogue in the room and online. So what’s next on the consumer