Web 3.0 & the Real Market Requirement

You know the really cool thing about a summit full of smart people is that it causes a dialogue in the room and online. So what’s next on the consumer

Blurred at Web 2.0 Summit

Mary Meeker of Morgan Stanley is the only speaker I know that can get away with delivering slide content in such a fast pace that not only can you barely

Go-to-market in Web 2.0 Era

It’s been 40+ years since E. Jerome McCarthy published Basic Marketing, the business book that introduced the “4 Ps” (product, price, place/distribution and promotion) to the world. While the categories

Do you know what drives purchase?

Consumer goods like P&G have always invested in knowing how their sales and marketing activities drive purchase. See this article from July 10th, by Ellen Byron featuring James Stengel who

Give me that thing called [customer] Love

Just got published on MarketingProfs for what will be a six-part series or “Summer Bootcamp for Business”. For those of you that aren’t familiar yet with MarketingProfs.com, it’s a great

Solutions Drive Sales

Check out this video. It was made using a Logitech webcam, and uses visual effects that come with the camera. Supposedly, it has triggered a big run on Logitech cameras.


Last night, a little venue called Spark was held. The notion was to connect really smart people – who are down-to-earth good leaders in high-tech – to learn from our

Talk with, not At

An industry commentary on how marketing in high-tech is changing. I think there’s way more ahead than banner ads and search word optimization when it comes to high-tech consumer marketing. I think that we will move from non-personal ways of advertising to customer engaged ways of connecting. I have provided some examples as illustrations and then provided what I think it means.