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    $18 billion dollars. Nilofer Merchant has personally launched more than 100 products that netted this astounding amount. She is an author and speaker based in Silicon Valley, California.

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    Nilofer Merchant  @niloferJan 20
    When you care about the equity issue thru the lens of ‘your’ daughter, it’s like ‘your’ possession or property. It reeks of patriarchy.

    Nilofer Merchant  @niloferJan 20
    Heard @NYGovCuomo say this and know he means well. His staff needs to help him #DoBetter .

    Nilofer Merchant  @niloferJan 20
    Men who say “have a daughter, so they care about #WomensRights ”? Says equality + the benefits of it are about ... MEN’s children.

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